Professional Services

Patient Care Consultation

With Chinese-English bilingual skills, we provide cancer patients and families, and healthcare provider with professional advice on nursing care for patients undergoing diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or other therapy, such as diagnostic information, interpretation and education, therapy information and education, cancer symptoms and care advice, anxiety and distress support and care advice, nursing care advice for nutrition and physical activity,  survivorship care advice, and health promotion and second cancer prevention.  Client-focused oncology nursing care is critical for cancer patients to achieve their goal of heal and maximize their quality of life during the difficult time in cancer journey.

Nurse Training and Education

We provide cancer patient care training to oncology nurses and similar care providers.   The information is based on latest evidence-based research and updated guidelines by ONS®, NCCN®, and other professional organizations.  The training has shown to be particularly helpful to nurses in China.

International Cancer Care Coordination and Collaboration

We help cancer patients and families in China to evaluate treatment and care options in the USA and provide care coordination and professional support when appropriate.  We facilitate academic and educational exchanges of nursing professions between the USA and China.   These collaborations benefit patients, families, nurses, and healthcare providers.